Drones-The Future of Technology


In years past we have fantasized of the day when automated self controlled vehicles would become a reality. Nearly every science fiction or space aged genre of movies show this idea. For the past 15-20 years the idea has become more and more possible, and today drones have a variety of practical and sometimes intimidating uses.

The three main uses that developers have emphasized in drone use are that of agriculture, search and rescue, and for military exercise drills. Each of these presents pros and cons in their real life application. Nevertheless the importance of drones in our world is increasing rapidly. Agriculture: Farmers and Engineers have worked together in joint cooperation towards the development of drones as an agrarian tool. For Engineers this allows a safe a practical laboratory for the development of their product. It also gives them the ability to contribute in a more practical and productive way to the advancement of the human race. Farmers benefit in this arrangement in that they receive useful technology to make their work more efficient and cost effective.

Drones allow farmers to evaluate field nutrient levels from the air using thermal and chemical sensors. This provides a much cheaper and quicker alternative to renting a plane or helicopter. One fall back in this area however is that as productivity goes up the need for workers goes down.

Search and Rescue:A problem that has haunted humans for their entire existence is that rescuing of a fallen, hurt or lost comrade. In many cases it is so dangerous for others to go help the endangered victim that rescue is impossible. During these cases of postponed rescue attempts the victim is unable to be found or is already gone by the time they are found.

As we have heard numerous times before the first 48 hours are key in any rescue. Drones give us the ability to go where we ourselves may not be able to access. Drones do not need heat, oxygen, or food to continue a mission. This makes them the ideal rescue device. Developers have already developed drones that can carry food and supplies into isolated areas during the even of search and rescue missions.

Military: Like all technological advances one of the first uses is always that of military. Often times this is tragic in that it causes the loss of more life. Drones however bring an entirely different card to the table. Because drones can be operated thousands of miles away from their location it is possible for a soldier to be engaged in battle while sitting at a desk thousands of miles away.

Just imagine a world where wars and conflicts were no longer an issue of human life but rather the mere loss of a computer. The lives of millions of soldiers can be saved by this technology. The downfall to this however is the expense of the endeavor. Placing one drone in the air costs as much as placing 10-20 foot soldiers for an entire year Hacking risks also present themselves. Like all technology drones can be hacked. If fallen into the wrong hands drones can present imminent danger to everyone. Drones have seemed to be something from the future for most of our lives, however, now they are here. The choice is ours on how to use this useful piece of technology. Like all technology the use of drones has its pros and cons. One thing is for certain the importance of drones will become vital to our lives one way or another.